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   Farley Granger & Kathy O'Donnell in Nicholas Ray's first film 'They Live By Night'  (1947)  

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    Monday May 5th   -  7:00 pm    
   'DARK PASSAGE'       1948   -   Black & White
With:  Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, & Agnes Morehead
Direction & Script: Delmer Daves  Story by: David Goodis
Set in San Francisco, Vincent Parry (Bogart), convicted wife murderer, escapes from San Quentin and sets out to clear his name. It is a race against time, as the police comb the city; a blackmailer tracks him, and the real killer is still on the loose.
The use of first person P.O.V. ("point of view") is much more effective here than in the previous year's "Lady in the Lake," although studio head Jack Warner was said to be very unhappy with a star (Bogart) whose face cannot be seen until two thirds of the way through the movie.
    This is a classic example of full blown film noir, a genre which is hard nail down. Dark Passage' has it all,.. creepy atmosphere, a jaded story line and dysfunctional characters, solid noir visual style with odd camera angles and imbalanced framing and mixed with plenty of psychological tension. Dark Passage is an great example of a well balanced film noir displaying both solid noir content and visual style, and that why we chose this to start this series.    
    Bogart and Bacall were real-life husband and wife when this films was shot.  Look for London born American character actor Houseley Stevenson as a nightmarish black market plastic surgeon, embellishing the Dark City underbelly of 1940's San Francisco.    
    Film Introduction by Robert Marion   -   Danger & Despair Knitting Circle Screenings Director    


    Monday May 12th   -  7:00 pm    
  'NIGHTMARE ALLEY'       1947   -    Black & White
With: Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray
  Helen Walker & Mike Mazurki  
Directed by Edmund Goulding 
Photography by: Lee Garmes 
  (City Streets '31, Crime Without Passion '34, Caught '49 & Misty '69)
Script by Jules Furthman
From the novel 'Nightmare Alley'  by Gresham William Lindsay
    Stanton Carlyle (Tyrone Power) sets out to swindle carnival psychic Zeena (Joan Blondell) out of her performing secrets. But when Stanton accidentally kills Zeena's alcoholic husband, Zeena needs a new assistant. Naturally, Stanton betrays Zeena. He becomes involved with another woman and a new scam. A story of human degredation set against a seedy carnival backdrop.    
    Author Gresham William Lindsay who published only 5 of his works, penned one of the great works of American Noir literature with 'Nightmare Alley'.  Gresham grew-up in New York with his family, where he became fascinated by the sideshow at Coney Island. After graduating from High School in Brooklyn in 1926, Gresham drifted from job to job and found employment as a folk singer in Greenwich Village. In 1937, Gresham joined the Spanish Civil War where he served as a volunteer medic for the Loyalists. During the conflict, he met former carnie sideshow employee, Joseph Daniel "Doc" Halliday, and their long conversations inspired much of his work, particularly Gresham's two books about the American carnival, the nonfiction Monster Midway and the fictional 'Nightmare Alley'. Returning to the United States in 1939, after a troubling period that involved a stay in a tuberculosis ward and a failed suicide attempt, Gresham found work editing true crime pulp magazines.

In 1962, Gresham's health took a turn for the worse, he was going blind and suffering from cancer . On September 14, 1962, he checked into the Dixie Hotel, the same hotel he had hung out around when he wrote Nightmare Alley over a decade earlier. There, he took his life with an overdose of sleeping pills. His death went generally unnoticed by the New York press, but for a mention by a bridge columnist.
    Film Introduction by Dark Marc   -   Danger & Despair Knitting Circle Film Archivst    


    2 Films by Director Nicholas Ray    
    Monday May 19th   -  7:00 pm      
  'THEY LIVE BY NIGHT'       1948    -   Black & White
With: Kathy O'Donnell, Farley Granger, Howard De Silva
  Jay C. Flippen & Helen Craig
"They Live by Night" is a bleak non-urban noir that tells the story of a young man, Arthur "Bowie" Bowers who is busted out of prison by two neer-do-good fellow convicts. Soon afterwards he meets Catherine "Keechie" Mobley, sister to one of the gangsters. Naturally, they fall in love, and he dreams of going straight and clearing his name. But in the noir world, redemption is rare and unlikely. Brilliant directing by Ray treats his subjects sympathetically, and employs the first helicopter tracking shot.
    Film Introduction by Joseph Lim   -   San Francisco Academy of Art Film Club Director    


    Tuesday May  27th   -  7:00 pm   (NOTE DAY CHANGE)      
 'IN A LONELY PLACE'       1950    -   Black & White
With:  Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame & Art Smith
Based on a Dorothy Hughes novel, and starring Humphry Bogart as Dixon Steele, a writer suspected of murder, and Gloria Grahame as Laurel, who falls under Dix's spell and provides an alibi for murder. Considered to be one of Bogart's finest performances.
    Film Introduction by Robert Marion   -   Danger & Despair Knitting Circle Screenings Director    
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