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Wednesday April 5th   -  7:30 pm
  'DARK PASSAGE'       1947   -   Black & White
With:   Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall & Agnes Moorehead
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall a few years into their real life romance in a full-frontal assault film noir with Bogart as a wrongly accused man who escapes San Quentin prison to a famous Telegraph Hill apartment. This is classic trench coat and Fedora Bogart, packed with plenty of San Francisco location photography and loaded with that 1940's atmosphere!  
Wednesday April 12th   -  7:30 pm
With:   Valentina Cortese, Richard Basehart & William Lundigan
Lovely Italian actress Valentina Cortese in a typically twisted film noir plot. Things go from bad to weird when Victoria Kowelska survives Nazi concentration in Europe then arrives in San Francisco to find she's inherited a fortune. Not everyone is happy about it and they are out to raise Hell. It's fun and games with the dysfunctional wealthy on one of the richest pieces of real estate in the Western Hemisphere. More SF location photography.

Directed by Robert Wise who edited 'Citizen Kane'.

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Film Noir @ The First Street Cafe
     440 First Street  Benicia, CA     phone (707) 745-1400

        The Schedule:


Wednesday April 19th   -  7:30 pm  
  'THIEVES' HIGHWAY'       1949    -   Black & White
With:   Valentina Cortese, Richard Conte & Lee J. Cobb
Valentina Cortese returns in a very rare jewel. A left-of -center film shot on location, mostly at night, on San Francisco's waterfront. Nick Garcos (Richard Conte) returns home to the San Joaquin Valley from an overseas stint as a merchant marine. Upon arriving he discovers that his father; an independent produce trucker, has been ripped off and then targeted for murder by a vicious produce dealer on the Embarcadero.
In a perennial theme found in film noir, the lone-wolf protagonist is forced to work outside the system as Nick Garcos sets out to revenge the wrongs dealt his father. Who in the story, comes to symbolize the struggles of America's lower working class. Small fry come last until 'Nick' steps in!
Wednesday April 26th   -  7:30 pm
   'FALLEN ANGEL'       1945    -   Black & White
With:   Dana Andrews, Alice Faye & Linda Darnell
When Drifter Eric Staton (Dana Andrews) is thrown off the Greyhound Bus in a small beach town south of San Francisco it starts a whirlpool of obsession and desperation that no one survives unscathed. Including a very hot Linda Darnell in a classic Film Noir scene not easily forgotten.

This is a wonderfully directed but rarely seen work of Otto Preminger who had just completed the acclaimed film 'Laura' before starting this project. 'Fallen Angel' is often favored over 'Laura' by fans of the noir style. 'Lit and lensed' by Joseph LaShelle, a frequent visitor to Dark City. Original music by David Raksin (Laura '44, Force of Evil '48 & The Big Combo '55) Good cast, good crew ... and very good noir!
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