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Film Noir returns to the art deco palace on Monday Nights in September.  We knew the lineup would have to be great to get you to come out on the most depressing night of the week.  Hey!!,... these are our kind of people!
So... it's three dark adventures rarely seen and still under the radar. Three interesting films never commercially released on VHS or DVD and ripe for re-discovery and discussion.
  Downtown San Francisco  -  Free Admission  
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  MONDAY   September  10th   7:00 pm     Rare Title    
'REPEAT PERFORMANCE'     1947    Eagle-Lion Films
Starring:  Joan Leslie, Louis Hayward & Richard Basehart
During a New Year's Eve celebration, Shelia Page (Joan Leslie) commits a hideous crime in a rage.  She wishes she could live her last year over again.  When her wish comes true things go differently, but remember,... this is film noir!
'Repeat Performance' holds down a unique niche in the American cinema  This may be the only Fantasy-Noir production from the classic period.  It's safe to say that it's the only picture to combine noir and fantasy successfully.  
  It's hard to believe that this picture has never been released commercially on VHS or DVD.  'Repeat Performance' stars Joan Leslie, who was black-balled in Hollywood and ended up at the Poverty Row studios of Eagle Lion. She made this movie with a chip on her shoulder, come Monday night and find out why.  
  As we have come to expect from Poverty Row noir, 'Repeat Performance' is loaded with dark atmosphere and jaded dialog.   
  Well worth a viewing!  Oleg Cassini in top form, dresses Joan Leslie for New York society.  Rare, rare rare!!   
  MONDAY   September  17th   7:00 pm  
'SUSPENSE'       1946      Monogram Pictures
Starring:  Belita, Albert Dekker & Barry Sullivan
  If you haven't seen 'Suspense'  (1946), you can't miss this rare chance to take in one of the oddest entries into America's film noir canon. Ice-Skating Noir.  
Albert Dekker plays the impresario of an ‘On Ice’ review starring his stunning wife (Belita). When a lowly peanut vendor (Barry Sullivan) suggests a few good improvements for the show, he gets promoted to manager.
    It isn’t long before the sharp new manager and the lovely skating star become involved and we enter into,… drum roll please… Da-Da!  “The Noir Zone”!  Crosses, double-crosses and an unexpected resurrection make this unique ‘B’ film worth seeing. With some terrific skating scenes, fantastic lighting and eerie costumes.  
    Directed by Frank Tuttle who also helmed the early classic 'This Gun for Hire' with Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd  
    Highly recommended!  It has all the style we love in our 1940's movies  
  MONDAY   September  24th   7:00 pm    Rare Title!!    
  'RIO'       1939       Universal Pictures  
  Starring:  Basil Rathbone, Sigrid Gurie & Robert Cummings  
  Basil Rathbone plays Paul Reynard, a Parisian Financier who's busted for bulking his investors. Sent away to a nightmare French island prison, he's haunted by his obsession for his beautiful wife played by Sigrid Gurie. When she moves to Brazil to be close to Reynard and await his release, the fun and games begin. Caution viewers: Adults at Play!   
This unknown early dark film predates 'High Sierra' and 'Maltese Falcon' and is waiting to be rediscovered.  In 'RIO', personal corruption and greed are the themes that would later
  become cinema mainstays of the period.   
  This is an excellent opportunity to see early examples of  iconographic film noir theme and content.  
  Filmed by Hal Mohr who also photographed 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'  1935, 'Woman on the Run'  1950 and 'The Lineup'  1958 among others. Directed by the German émigré John Brahm.  
  The discussion following this movie should be lively. You won't find much in print on this film.  Come and see it on Monday Night in September  

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