In February 2002, DDKC created an innovation by producing a landmark live on-line interview with Alain Silver, editor of Film Noir: The Encyclopedic Reference to the American Style and several other definitive works on noir. Moderator Maura Willheim, led the interview and then opened the board for a question and answer session to all who participated. 

This event was such a hit with both guest and board members that the concept was extended to include other writers on the topic.

The BIG CHAT series is sponsored by The Danger and Despair Knitting Circle and produced by Mad Dog Earle Support Services.

February 27, 2002

Alain Silver

March 7, 2002

Eddie Muller

March 27, 2002

Arthur Lyons

June 4, 2002

Lee Server

____________ ____________ ____________ ___________
October 24, 2002

Andrew Dickos

May 20, 2003

John O'Dowd

August 26, 2003

Michael Keaney

September 30, 2003

Eddie Muller

___________ ___________    
October 30, 2003

Karen B. Hannsberry

November 20, 2003

Spencer Selby

September 29, 2006

Foster Hirsch

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