Film Events with the Danger & Despair Knitting Circle  -  All movies projected in 16mm film
   Most films run in downtown San Francisco  
   Admission only with a reservation at   -  The Screenings are private events!, ...and don't forget it!
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    Peter Gunn     Quintessential TV  P.I.  played by Craig Stevens.  
    Decoy      TV's 1st  lady detective played by Beverly Garland.  
    Harbor Command      Wendell Cory as a San Francisco Harbor Authority.  
    The Falcon     International man of intrigue  Interpol cop Charles McGraw.  
    Naked City     There's 8 Million Stories in the Big City,.. shot in N.Y.C.  
    Waterfront     Preston Foster battles Drugs & Commies in San Pedro.  
    Manhunt      Victor Jory as a San Diego Homicide Investigator.  
    Checkmate     Three hot PI's in San Francisco who tackle high end cases.  
    Johnny Midnight     Edmond O'Brien as a New York  P.I. on Broadway.  
    The Line-Up  (San Francisco Beat)     S.F.P.D. cops on location.   
    More to come watch for the new schedule soon  






ROBERT RYAN    Master Actor,  Noir Icon.  


Woman on the Beach  (1947)   
    The Racket (1951)  
    On Dangerous Ground  (1947)  
    House of Bamboo (1955)  








Oh NO!!  It's CHARLES MCGRAW....!!  

Oh Yes... it's that gravely voice and chiseled features of Dark City's


favorite tough guy, ... real life tough guy Charles McGraw!


The 1st Annual Charlie McGraw Film Festival

  Armored Car Robbery  1950 - The Cruel Tower  1956  
  The Killers  1946 - Roadblock  1951 - The Threat 1949  
  The Story of Molly X  1949  - The Narrow Margin  1952  
  - 'The Adventures of the Falcon'  TV Series  1955 -


  The Thursday Night Screenings are private film events, admission to these events are by
  invitation only through a request and is solely at the discretion of Danger & Despair
  ADMISSION POLICY:  FREE ADMISSION    A reservation is required to be admitted.
  Get on the 'email notices list' of upcoming events.
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  June   A Tribute to Linda Darnell   April & May    Get Lost!  -  Poverty Row
  September    Film Noir Bad Girls   July & August   1930's Crime Films Mostly Pre-Code
  October & November   NORTH BEACH NOIR   August 18th   Crime Without Passion  - 70th 
      September   The Film Noir of 1941
      October   Those Nasty Commies in Film Noir
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  February & March   More Poverty Row   February   Friends Joe DiMaggio Playground Fund Raiser
  April & May   Misunderstood Actresses   March   1930 & 40''s Spy Films at the City Club
  October  FREAKS'  Halloween at Bay View Boat Club   April   Four San Francisco Noirs - 1st Street Cafe Benicia
      May   Bogie Returns to 1st Street - 1st Street Cafe Benicia
  2007   June   The Film Noir of Actor Richard Conte
  July   The Cops Are Coming!   August  The Tangled Web of Deceit at the City Club
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  August  1950's THRILLERS    
  September  SF Academy of Art + DDKC Series    
  May 19th 2005  -  Misunderstood Actress   The AX FILES @ sfbullDog  - Alexandra Jones
  March 9th 2006  - The Spy Series at the City Club   Bay Guardian BEST OF THE BAY AWARD  2004
  March 16th 2006  - The Spy Series at the City Club    
  June 22 2006  Jim Ferreira's Photos - NY Confidential    
  August 13th 2008  - 1950's THRILLERS at the City Club    
    "It's strictly an underground operation ...."    -   Bay Guardian  
    " Not quite private, not quite public The Danger & Despair Knitting Circle meets once a week ....... you can learn the  
        location only through email. The secrecy and feeling of transgressing, even paranoia, is classic noir in it's self."     

-   Barbara Tannenbalm  San Francisco Magazine                 


"They are nothing more than a bunch of pirate exhibitors... "   -   a Bay Area Programmer  (who will remind anonymous!)


"Paul Meienberg and "Dark" Marc Dolezal have teamed up to bridge the noir-flick gap with their Thursday night series ... 

      each week noir fans view 16mm copies of movies so obscure they'll never be found at Blockbuster, and listen to  
      erudite commentary from savvy film historians."    -    SF Weekly  



"Several times a year a shadowy group of film noir aficionados operating as the Danger and Despair Knitting Circle —

      a reference, for novices, to Out of the Past — surfaces on Thursdays nights to screen classic, offbeat, and plain  
      obscure film noir for everyone's favorite admission price: free! "    -    Bay Guardian   

"A dame with a rod is like a guy with a knitting needle."  Dark Marc Dolezal built his supernal noir website, and perhaps his

      very dark weltanschauung, around that line. This is the most rarefied of film noir sites: "The Blackboard" is a discussion  
      group of the highest order—where no topic is too obscure or too heady; the movie swap and purchase section of the site is  
      video and 16mm manna for lean, mean noir disciples; "The Big Chat" is a revelation, featuring Dark Marc's interviews with  
      some of the greatest living scholars of noir. On top of it all, Marc does free screenings of well-known and obscure noir  
      classics each Thursday, all around the Bay area.  That's right, free.  He may just be noir's dark angel. -  
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