Life got ya' down?

Well then, you need a short vacation to charming Dark City!

And the best place to start is Danger & Despair's film series at The Flatiron Building 

Every Thursday in March


The Free Admission Film Series Starts  March 6th  
Every Thursday night in March, at 544 Market Street San Francisco.
The Danger & Despair Knitting Circle will host rare film noir features on 16mm film in an informal setting. Admission is free and there will be a no host bar. This is by invitation only, contact ‘The Circle’ at  for a reservation.       
March 6th   8:00 pm
‘Christmas Holiday’ (1944)  Universal Pictures
Directed  by Robert Siodmak
w/ Deanna Durbin, Gene Kelly
Richard Whorf, Gale Sondergard & Gladys George
Deanna Durbin lobbied hard to bring this eccentric film noir to the big screen.  She has often cited this as her only worthwhile picture. Remember that Ms. Durbin at 14 years old was the highest paid female entertainer in world.  Her films saved Universal Pictures from bankruptcy.  Gene Kelly hated it, he kicked and yelled all through the filming.  With a script by  Herman J. Mankiewicz ( Citizen Kane ) from a novel by W. Somerset Maugham.  Lensed by Woody Bredell (Phantom Lady,The Killers & The Unsuspcted).   Rare - Rare - Rare!!                                   
March 13th    8:00 pm

‘Framed’  (1947)    Columbia Pictures

Directed  by Richard Wallace (The Fallen Sparrow)

w/ Glenn Ford & Janis Carter

     Barry Sullivan, Edgar Buchanan, Karen Morley
This tight little thriller opens with Glenn Ford coming down a steep grade in a transport truck with the brakes out. When he hits the town at the bottom of the grade, it's all down hill from there. Blonde hottie Janis Carter, is in full form here as a dangerous dame looking for someplace to happen. Often cast as a femme fatale' FRAMED' may be one of Carter's best bad girl roles.  
March 20th    8:00 pm & 9:30 pm
Republic Pictures  - Lost Noir Night
8:00 pm
‘The Mysterious Mr.Valentine’     (1946)   
w/ William Henry & Linda Sterling
9:30 pm
Double Jeopardy’    (1955)    
w/ Ron Cameron  Robert Armstrong
If you like your noir cheap and fast don't miss this chance to see two lost noirs come back to life through the efforts of the Danger & Despair Knitting Circle.
March 28th    8:00 pm  
‘The Brasher Doubloon’  (1947)   20th Century - Fox
(1947)  20th Century-Fox
w/ George Montgomery & Nancy Guild
Taken from the Raymond Chandler novel 'The High Window. 'The Brasher Doubloon' is the most obscure of the detective Phillip Marlow movies which included 'Murder My Sweet' (Dick Powell) , 'The Big Sleep' (Humphrey Bogart) and 'Farewell My Lovely' (Robert Mitchum) .  

Don't miss this rare film on an excellent film print. 

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